Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More on Woman Arrested for Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

Here's some more (including video) of the DC woman arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial over the weekend. The whole thing is stupidly blown out of proportion. The cops should have just let them dance in one portion or something. But really, the comments to this current post are great:

They're pickin' up the prisoners
And puttin em in a pen
And all she wants to do is dance, dance
Rebels been rebels
Since I don't know when
And all she wants to do is dance!

Libertarianism, iPods, bad dancing, Thomas Jefferson. Yup, all stuff white people like.

Has NOTHING been learned from the girl with the french fry?

You know, "read these walls!" just doesn't have the same ring as "don't taze me bro!"

While I do feel that it is utterly absurd that they got arrested, I cannot help but laugh at listening to this kid give his commentary about the state of america. THIS IS THE GREATEST INJUSTICE EVER! RON PAUL, SAVE ME!!!

These dancing douchebags may be right, but they're still douchebags. Jesus that guy was annoying.

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DKB said...

Alas, annoying us is not in itself a criminal offense.