Wednesday, October 26, 2016

House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton

The Washington Post reports House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton

Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman wrapping up his first term atop the powerful House Oversight Committee, unendorsed Donald Trump weeks ago. That freed him up to prepare for something else: spending years, come January, probing the record of a President Hillary Clinton.

“She’s not getting a clean slate,” he said. “It’s not like the State Department was bending over backwards to help us understand what was going on. We’ve got document destruction. We’ve got their own rogue system. We’ve got classified information out the door. We’ve got their foundation doing who knows what. I mean, it took them four years just to release her schedule.”

Sigh. I always get annoyed when I hear things about how Washington doesn’t work and both sides are the problem. After a Senate feels that presidents don’t get to nominate Supreme Court justices for 25% of their term (and McCain suggested maybe not for any of their term), now it seems a Republican House is ready to revestigate stuff they’ve already investigated 8 times.

Look, oversight is important, but these are obviously partisan witch hunts. It’s a demonstration that it’s not just Donald Trump who’s not willing to accept the results of an election but the Republican Congress as well. Sure the parties are supposed to “compete” but they also have to actually govern and every poll and congressional approval rating shows that the American people are sick of Congress not being able to do that.

“Republicans are pretending like they haven’t been investigating Secretary Clinton for years ever since she announced that she was running for president, including everything from Benghazi to emails to the Clinton Foundation,” Cummings said in a statement. “It’s no exaggeration to say that on the first day Secretary Clinton walks into the White House, Republicans will have already investigated her more than any other president in history.”

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