Thursday, September 01, 2016

KFC recipe revealed?

I evidently missed this story from a couple of weeks ago. KFC recipe revealed? Tribune shown family scrapbook with 11 herbs and spices - Chicago Tribune

Ledington continues to leaf through the family scrapbook, pausing here and there to share a memory or an anecdote about his uncle. At the back of the album is an official-looking document, its pages stapled together: the last will and testament of his Aunt Claudia, he tells me. She died on New Year's Eve 1996 at age 94.

'I can show you what every family member got,' he says, poring over the papers. 'This was my dad, Robert Ledington. He was the first one. He got $209,888.'

But what I'm really interested in is the handwritten note on the back of the document. At the top of the page, in blue ink, it reads, '11 Spices — Mix With 2 Cups White Fl.' That's followed by an enumerated list of herbs and spices. Eleven herbs and spices. And the measurements for each."

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