Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Donald Trump Is Broke

Kevin Drum yesterday on Donald Trump's terrible horrible, no good, very bad day, Donald Trump Is Broke "Today's big news is the overall implosion of the Donald Trump campaign. He's repeatedly melted down on the stump over the past month. He's trailing Hillary Clinton by a mile in the latest polls. He fired his campaign manager this morning. His ego apparently doesn't allow him to beg other people for money, so he's barely done any fundraising at all. The fight to stop him at the Republican convention now has the support of nearly 400 delegates. With the election only 20 weeks away, he still has virtually no staff. He's being hammered by negative advertising on TV and isn't doing anything to fight back. (So far he's run exactly zero ads.) Except for the personal meltdown stuff, all of this is basically a money problem. Trump doesn't have any."

As of 5/31, Trump had $1.3 million, Hillary had $40 million more. Also note, a lot of Trump's campaign expenses have gone to Trump organizations, Where is Donald Trump’s campaign money going? To Donald Trump.. In May, the campaign paid Trump businesses about $1 million. And note that much of the campaign's money was a loan from Trump, so he'll probably raise funds to pay himself back. Running for president as a business venture (more like a scam).

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