Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trump Used Aliases For Much More Than Gossip

David Cay Johnston writes Trump Used Aliases For Much More Than Gossip. He cites the documentary Trump: What’s The Deal, which describes how Trump, using the alias John Barron threatened lawsuits on behalf of Trump against mistreated workers at one of his construction sites.

He admitted under oath in the federal lawsuit on behalf of the Polish workers that he had used the name John Barron, which resulted in a spate of news stories. In the aftermath Trump continued his deception, but using the name ‘John Miller.’

Later he admitted that ‘Miller’ was a phony name, too. He confessed the truth to People Magazine, two weeks after its initial story by Sue Carswell made fun of him for trying to pass himself off as ‘John Miller.’

Following a lengthy trial in federal court, the real Donald Trump was found to have engaged in a conspiracy to cheat the Polish workers. The judge who decided the case found Trump liable for pay and fringe benefits and also found that his testimony — that he was unaware of what was going on during the demolition phase on Trump Tower — was not credible. Not only was he photographed at the site, but his temporary office across Fifth Avenue had a picture window view so he could observe the whole process of tearing down Bonwit’s and putting up his eponymous tower."

This is going to be such an ugly election.

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