Tuesday, March 01, 2016

4 Reasons Iran's Election Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

The Republican party might be turning authoritarian and voting for nationalism but Vox points out 4 reasons Iran's election is a bigger deal than you think

Tens of millions of Iranians voted on Friday, for parliament and for the body that will likely pick the next supreme leader, in an election with still-uncertain but potentially major consequences for the country, its future, and its relationship with the outside world. So-called moderates swept the vote, seemingly defeating the hard-liners who've long dominated Iran's government.

It's worth a couple of important caveats. No two Iran analysts agree on who counts as a liberal-leaning 'reformist' versus a 'moderate' versus a 'hard-liner.' Iran does not have formal political parties, so we have to use fuzzy terms and imprecise measurements of which ideological factions are rising or falling. And, crucially, Iran's elected officials have real power, but they're limited by unelected authorities like the supreme leader."

  1. The trend points toward a rise of moderates in Iran
  2. Iranians approve of the nuclear deal and opening with the West — and push for more
  3. It puts pressure on the supreme leader
  4. The election's hidden and potentially historic significance: on picking the next supreme leader

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