Monday, November 09, 2015

The 100 is the Successor to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA You’ve Been Waiting For?

Devin Faraci (and Film Critic Hulk) say that the CW’s The 100 is The Successor To BATTLESTAR GALACTICA You’ve Been Waiting For. I watched the first 3 eps or so and wasn’t impressed, though apparently it started getting good just after this. Has anyone watched it? What do you think?

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karl said...

I don’t entirely agree with his assessment. I've watched both seasons of the 100 (as they were aired), although I've only seen some of BSG (binge watching). The action is good as are the sets and costumes and I’ll agree that it poses some complex moral dilemmas with no good choices and presents reasons for the “villains” actions, but it does star teen aged characters with their traditional angsty love triangles and, particularly in the second season, the constant conflict with (and implied superiority to) the adults. I suppose how you weigh these things in relation to each other determines if you’ll like it. The plot line can at times take sharp turns by randomly introducing new elements as required by the episode rather than more subtle twists based on earlier hints, although it does maintain some degree of continuity in growing a coherent world. I also think the leads seem to have a godlike ability to come out on top despite the apparently intractable problem of the day they run into, but that is not much different than the main characters in BSG.