Saturday, September 05, 2015

Hillary Clinton has one of the most progressive anti-drug plans in decades

Vox wrote, Hillary Clinton has one of the most progressive anti-drug plans in decades. It made me wonder about her other stated policies so far...

Hillary Clinton’s college affordability plan, explained. "Hillary Clinton is announcing her higher education plan today — a wide-ranging proposal that calls for lowering student loan interest rates, making it possible for students to avoid borrowing to pay tuition at public universities, and changing how students repay their loans."

Hillary Clinton is calling for a 700% increase in solar power by 2010.

Hillary Clinton wants to take on "quarterly capitalism" — here's what that means. "Things will get harder the deeper she delves into policy specifics, but as a broad campaign theme it's a tour de force. By embracing the quarterly capitalism critique, Clinton offers a more radical criticism of the status quo than we've ever heard from Barack Obama while also showing herself to be more sensitive to the concrete concerns of American executives."

Hillary Clinton's capital gains tax reform, explained. It seems to be similar to what we have in MA (which may be useful but is a pain in the ass for record keeping), "She wants to replace that with a different system, featuring a six-year sliding scale of rates to give genuinely long-term investors a leg up."

Then again, this is an interesting list and I'm not sure which way it sways me. The 5 biggest policy differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I like most of Bernie's ideas, but Clinton's are more practical to pass. Then again, this isn't lost on me, Want to know what sets Bernie Sanders apart from Hillary Clinton? Look at their donors.

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