Sunday, December 07, 2014

Can the NYPD Spot the Abusive Cop?

WNYC reports Can the NYPD Spot the Abusive Cop? - WNYC "The police department pioneered the use of computer statistics to identify crime trends. But they don't have a system to identify problem-prone officers."

"Police departments around the country consider frequent charges of resisting arrest a potential red flag, as some officers might add the charge to justify use of force. WNYC analyzed NYPD records and found 51,503 cases with resisting arrest charges since 2009. Just five percent of arresting officers during that period account for 40% of resisting arrest cases -- and 15% account for more than half of such cases."

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Kim said...

I wish they had broken the data down further. I suspect many of the police are in almost purely admin jobs most of the time and don't make many arrests at all.

Howard said...

I agree, I was thinking the same thing.