Friday, May 07, 2010

Scott Brown Is Not the Senator I Want

The Boston Globe reports Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties. "Senator Scott Brown responded to the attempted Times Square bombing yesterday by cosponsoring a bill that would allow the United States to strip Americans of citizenship if the government determines that an individual supported or joined a terrorist group."

"The bill, cosponsored with Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Connecticut independent, is the highest-profile legislation that Brown has backed. The measure, which quickly attracted considerable national controversy, amounts to a strong political statement; after spending months saying he was focused on nuts-and-bolts issues such as jobs, the Massachusetts Republican ventured yesterday into hot-button debates over immigration, counterterrorism tactics, and the extent of federal power."

I had called his office yesterday to ask him to support the Brown-Kaufman amendment to break up the too big to fail banks. Actually I called both my senators. Kerry's representative said he was still thinking about it, but he voted against it. Calling Brown's phone sent me to voice mail.

Fixing our financial system so that its less risky is a no vote. Trying to add a law to remove the citizenship of terrorists is a yes vote. So how would that work? Presumably they'd need to be found guilty of terrorism first, so why isn't imprisonment or the death penalty enough? Or are they stupid enough to try to enact a law to strip the citizenship of unconvicted terrorists? Who gets to decide who's a terrorist? Independent Senators?


DKB said...

Per "The Plum Line" quoting Lieberman's office, "It would empower the State Department to conclude -- on its own -- that Americans are conspiring with terror groups and should be stripped of their citizenship."

In theory you could contest this in court, and the burden of proof would still be on the government, but it stinks of a route for them to first strip you of citizenship and then use your statelessness as a way to keep you out of court indefinitely.

Lieberman and Brown will of course deny that such a thing could happen in America, but then again not so long ago I would have denied that an American could be involuntarily stripped of his citizenship for donating money to the wrong charity. Brown can at least claim later on that he didn't fully understand what he was supporting, say "I drive a truck!" and everyone will give him a pass. Droopy, however, knows what he's doing and haven't "They" been telling us that undermining the Constitution is treasonous?

Howard said...

Brown's truck line is now being attacked. Apparently he's Mr. Limo now.