Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the Hell is Wrong with People?

This morning I was on the phone talking to a friend. I was pacing around and looking out my living room window at the street. I saw a man across the street walking his beagle. He crossed to my side of the street. The local weekly town paper was on the small three foot high stone wall around my lawn (next to the sidewalk).

I watched him pick up the paper, take off the yellow plastic wrapper and layout the paper on the wall. He tore off a part of the cover and blew his nose with it! He then crumpled that up and threw it in the bushes! He then tore off another piece and did it again and then walked away!

I was still in pajamas but went to the front door, opened it and yelled out "Nice!" and closed the door. That seemed to shame him as he walked back to the paper, picked it up and the crumpled sheets and walked them across the street and threw them in the trash cans a neighbor had put out at the curb.

Who does that?!?!

Good thing I don't care about the local paper.


DKB said...

The initial question is valid... and on the minds of MANY these days, I'm sure... though compared to the ass-tonguing Sarah Palin gave Glenn Beck in Time, and the fact that Glenn Beck was IN Time's "100 most influential" list, I wish more problems were on the scale (and proximity!) of people blowing their noses on newspapers and throwing the bits in my lawn. I can at least get to those people to teach them the error of their ways. ;)

The Dad said...

Yet another bit of justification to buy that iPad. No one will blow their nose with your iPad.