Monday, November 10, 2008

Young jurors can't listen, need "screens"

Ars reports Lord Chief Justice: Young jurors can't listen, need "screens"

"England's Lord Chief Justice now believes that things have gotten so bad, young jurors need to have information in court shown to them on 'screens.' An Internet-enabled multitasking lifestyle has apparently destroyed the ability to simply sit and listen."

"He believes that tech-savvy youngsters have, in a very real sense, either lost or failed to cultivate the ability to process large chunks of oral information. Accustomed to skimming articles, multitasking between projects, constantly clicking links to other sites, such people would better process key information if presented on screens instead of simply through oral argument."

If that was too much text to read, just look at this pic:

micromedia_5 1.jpg

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DKB said...

Since I find it difficult these days to watch television without a laptop within reach, I can believe this.